As the founder of Umoja Investments and Managements Group Inc., Dr. Kathare Mundit isn’t new to the financial industry.

Originally from South Sudan, Dr. Kathare’s parents moved to Ethiopia due to the war where she was born. In 1998, Dr. Kathare moved to the United States with her family as refugees. She earned her B.A. in Business and Administration from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Continuing her thirst for education, Dr. Kathare pursued her Masters of Accounting and Finance at Strayer University.

Through her prestigious degrees and expertise in managing different programs that include insurance agencies, the gained knowledge has further added to Dr. Kathare’s extensive experience. Now, Dr. Kathare is well-known for providing plausible solutions to individuals looking for profitable investments.


Having met several confused individuals unsure about the right way to invest has been a key motivator in expanding our services. Since the beginning, our mission has been to bring financial security and peace of mind to every person who looks toward us for help.

We offer retirement solutions and real estate investment plans with guarantees that provide income for a lifetime.

  • Experienced in working with the largest carriers in the industry.
  • Personalized plans according to your savings and financial needs


We built our company in the hopes of seeing a world where no one lacks the opportunity to save and invest safely and securely. It gives us internal satisfaction like nothing else when clients reap the benefits of our hard work.

In the long run, this helps two-way: in us being the trustable source for financial solutions, and for you to invest and retire without worrying about finances.