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For Individuals, Families & Businesses

While time is on your side as the most significant asset, you should consider saving money at the right time. Whether to start a career, a business, or getting married, having sufficient finances in your favor opens brighter opportunities. Not sure where to start? Well, that’s why we offer a complete set of financial services. At Umoja Investments & Managements Group Inc., we have experience spanning years.

We think investing and savings shouldn’t be dealt with at the brink of retirement. And that’s why we give you the best available options to choose from. Similarly, if you’re a startup looking for a financial leg up to upheave your business, we offer time-tested financial solutions. Eventually, this makes way to fulfilling your dreams faster than you expected.

Buy Your Dream Home

No matter where you are in life, it’s essential to have a roof above your head and your loved ones’ too, in case of early death. After all, having your family safe and secure is what we all want. We understand the significance of owning a property in your name more than anything. Over the years, we’ve helped several individuals achieve their real estate goals by providing solutions to their queries. So, if that’s you too, we can bring your dream to reality.

We also realize that having multiple properties as financial assets is essential to increasing security. Since retirement incomes aren’t supposed to last forever, investing in real estate at the right age makes way to retiring with peace. That’s why our real estate plans are customized and perfectly tailored to your needs. The best part? You will be on the receiving end of maximum living benefits.

For Investment Enthusiasts

Being a novice, not knowing where and how to invest in is a visibly deterring factor. But interacting with like-minded individuals through whom you can increase your investment knowledge to grow your wealth is the way to go. Are you wondering where you can find such people? At Umoja Investments and Managements Group Inc., we have an investment club with countless clients who benefit from each other. All you have to do is join and start growing instantly.

Whether you want to invest in the stock market, real estate, or mutual funds, you’ll find all that and more with our investment club. Ultimately, we’ll be making way to opening financial doors for you.

For Businesses & Individuals

As the leading investment and management consulting company, we offer professional investment solutions to businesses and enthusiasts. We know that different financial goals require different strategies to become a reality. So, whether you’re looking for investing in real estate, tax benefit solutions, or need financial management advice to preserve your assets, we have you covered.

We’re firm believers in aligning our evaluation criteria according to your evolving financial requirements. That’s why we take the time to listen to your objectives first and then devise a strategy that perfectly fits your situation. All the while, you’ll have the assurance of being in the loop of the process, knowing the exact benefits that you can derive – made possible through our expertise and experience.